Miss Wichita 2022

Miss Wichita 2022

Why did you start competing in pageants?

I remember watching my best friend compete in the Miss America OT organization and thinking how cool it was for her to advocate for her cause she was passionate about! She was able to go to these amazing events and have so many doors opened for her, simply because of this shiny hat she had! I knew I wanted to change lives, and this organization can do that! I’ve been allowed into rooms with Fortune 500 Ceos, Politicians, Principals, Judges, and the future of America - our youth, and I’m dedicated to creating tangible change within our country.


What do you think you have gained by participating in pageants?

The ability to rock any interview I go into! I am completely confident that my interview will stand out from the crowd because of all the preparation that goes into our Miss America interviews. I have been selected for fellowships out of thousands, because this organization has prepared me for any interview!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?  

Receiving my Masters Degree from Fort Hays DEBT FREE! I knew higher education was something I wanted to achieve, but I am the daughter of a single mother and it wasn’t something that was going to be handed to me. Through my work in the organization and within my community at Fort Hays I was able to secure enough scholarships!

Tell us about a time that really made an impact on you as a pageant titleholder?

I was at an event and it was my first time competing with my natural hair. I had been told for years that it needed to be straight to win so that's what was in my mind. I remember being at this event, extremely self conscious about my hair and how it was going to be viewed. There was a little girl at this event who came running up to me and said “mommy, this princess looks like me”! It was at that moment, I knew what I was here for.

Why do you want to become the next Miss Kansas?

For the next generation of women change makers. I want to show women and girls around the state, you CAN be the state champion athlete, you CAN be curvy, you CAN be educated, you CAN be an assault survivor. You can be the champion in whatever regard you need. This organization has changed in the 5 years I’ve been competing, but there is so much more left to do. There are so many women in the great state of Kansas that have yet to be tapped by the Miss Kansas Organization and I'm here to be that voice, telling them that She Should Run.



What three words would you use to describe pageantry?

Growth. Empowerment. Sisterhood.
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