• What It Is

    A partnership between The Traveling Miss and pageant organizations for reduced prices on pageant crown boxes

  • Who It's For

    Pageant Directors and Organization officials looking to purchase multiple crown boxes

  • How We Partner

    In exchange for providing crown box discounts, we ask our Partners to provide an advertisement or announcement for The Traveling Miss at their pageant event

Are you a pageant director? Do you need crown boxes?

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Pageant Partnership Program


How many crown boxes do I have to buy in order to receive a discount?

Minimum order quantities vary by crown box style. Minimum quantity for each crown box collection is as follows: 

The Royal Crown Box – Minimum purchase of 2 crown boxes 

The Ultimate Crown Box – Minimum purchase of 3 crown boxes 

The Essential Crown Box – Minimum purchase of 4 crown boxes 

The Essential Crown Box Plus – Minimum purchase of 4 crown boxes 

How much are the discounts for?

Discounts range from 10% to 25% off, depending on the quantity ordered. 

Are there other forms of crown box sponsorships you offer?

No. The Pageant Partnership Program is our only sponsorship method. 

I'm a pageant titleholder, can I become a Partner?

The Partnership Program is strictly for pageant directors and pageant organization officials. Individual pageant titleholders will not be approved as a Partner unless they also actively serve as a Pageant Director and are acting solely on behalf of the pageant they direct. 

What happens after I submit a Partner Application?

1) Review

First, you will receive a confirmation email stating your account is under review. Next, we will review your application. In the event we need additional information or clarification, we will contact you via email.  

2) Approve/Reject

Within 5 business days, we will either approve or deny your partnership request. If your account is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive an approval confirmation email within 5 business days, your Partnership request was not approved.

Note: All email notifications will be sent from support@travelingmiss.com. Please check your Spam folder if you have not received any email notifications.  

3) After Approval

If you are approved as a Partner account, you will immediately have access to the Partner Portal and be able to shop directly on our site with the Partner discounts automatically applied to your cart. You will be able to view and download The Traveling Miss brand assets (logos, photos, etc.) as well as advertising formats (full page, half page, etc.) in the Partner Portal.  

Note: To access these features, you must be logged in to our website with the same email address you provided on your Partner application. 

If I'm approved as a Partner, can I announce The Traveling Miss as a sponsor of my pageant?

Yes! Feel free to share or post about our new formed partnership in any of your pageant promotion.

Do you provide advertising materials and format options to approved Partners?

Yes. After being approved as a Partner, you will be able to access the Partner Portal on our website where you can view and download The Traveling Miss branded advertising materials in a variety of formats. 

Already an apprvoed partner?

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